July 22, 2012

Praierie Papier Cottage Design Team - Sandra Collins I am getting so far behind on things that I want to do...maybe I set expectations that are too lofty...maybe I set goals that are difficult if not impossible to meet...but one thing I do know...I LOVE living the creative life and feel so blessed that I get to do something I love! And, another thing I know is that I have one of the most talented design teams ever! Sandra is an amazing digital artist...I'm sure she would be the first to say she has much to learn, but really, Photoshop is such an geat design tool that we can work and work and work to learn all we can from it, and STILL have much to learn...and I KNOW that Sandra enjoys learning this amazing program as much as I do... Please visit Sandra's blog, Dynamo, here: For this design she used Journal Joy Collection #13 which features vintage fashions and a palette of six colors in two different shades. This collection consists of 12 sheets of 8.5 x 11 inch printable papers plus a bonus sheet of labels. They are availble for sale and downloading in my Etsy shop...just click on my "mini Etsy" at the top of my right sidebar. Also, be sure to bookmark Sandra's blog...each week she is doing a giveaway...whatever collection she features on her blog, a random winner will get for free just by leaving her a comment! All my collections are available as JPEGs and PDFs, so they're ready to be printed out by you! You do not have to be a digital artist to enjoy using my Joy Journals...the PDFs allow you to print out all the designs very easily. Thank you Sandra! Your journal page is just beautiful! Again, please bookmark or subscribe to Sandra's blog so you can see her weekly designs and have the chance to win just by leaving her a comment! What about you? Do you find yourself with too much to do in too little time? What steps do you take to ensure you get everything done you need to and as much done as you want to? As always, thank you so much for stopping by! Hugs and Toodles!
July 2012 Creative Color Challenge - Letters It's time for the 2012 Creative Color Challenge! In addition to using the following color palette, the challenge also included the optional use of letters. As you can see, Louise has a very cool picture of mail boxes, so I included the use of the alphabet as well as a quote about correspondence. And here is my submission. The color combo was a bit difficult for me because I "normally" don't care for orange, but since Tangerine Orange is one of the Pantone colors of the year, I have to admit that it's growing on me! Of course, a dress and pinafore had to make it into my design! I have this "thing" about doll dresses...this piece was created in Photoshop. The dress and pinafore feature letters of the alphabet, and although you can barely see, the letter "v" is part of the background...so I included my initials in the design. Layers of color with newspaper clippings are also part of the background. A couple tips while creating in Photoshop...you have the ability to turn layers on and off...once I begin to accumulate a large number of layers with my color scheme and different brushes, I begin to turn layers on and off and move some of the layers forward or backward as I create my composition. That gives me the ability to sense whether I need more of one color or not...I also like creating with lots of layers of white...it's just my "thing." As always thank you SO much for stopping by! And be sure to stop by Lousie Gale's blog and check out the other submissions! Hugs and Toodles!

Anita Van Hal

I'm primarily a self-taught mixed media and folk doll artist who lives in the west-central part of North Dakota. I love living the creative life!

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